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Give Back - Single - Xavier Lewis
"How blessed are we to take part in the positive development and progression of our youngsters."
-Carmen Justina Morris-Givan

The Mission

We are an organization charged with the responsibility of inspiring adults and youth to “give back” through helping children. The National Give Back for Kids Campaign, Inc. is a grassroots movement which recognizes that positive and substantial change can and will come about through the power of love and sacrifice. Lives will be changed and communities unified and empowered with the understanding that through “self- determination” many challenges can be conquered!

The Goal

Many of today’s successful adults and teen-agers were the beneficiaries of adult volunteers (i.e. coaches, dance instructors, tutors) that helped them develop into the people they have become. Our purpose is to be a vehicle that creates opportunities for those that have received; a chance to "give back" by serving youth programs around the country.

Through faith, the Campaign will help to replenish communities by aggressively addressing the critical need for support systems and by getting THE COMMUNITY to take collective responsibility for reversing negative conditions through sustainable and attainable objectives.

The National Give Back for Kids Campaign, Inc.

4410 Massachusetts Ave. NW # 167
Washington, DC 20016-5572

1-800-GIVE BACK® (1-800-448-3222)
Fax: 1-800-683-8416

1-800-GIVE BACK® (1-800-448-3222)

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