Coach Ted Gustus

The M.A.N. Founder, legendary basketball coach and educator Ted Gustus, Jr. has worked in some of the most challenging schools in high-poverty communities in New York City for over 30 years. His own life experiences, as described in his book “Confession of a M.A.D.(Making A Difference) Black Coach” and successes with thousands of urban youth across Brooklyn and NYC has served as the fuel to create a fundamental paradigm shift in the way that our boys and young men are being “educated and acculturated” in our schools.

Coach Gustus has won numerous championships on and off the court, and has personally witnessed hundreds of his players move on to highly successful lives and careers in the NBA, Hollywood, broadcasting, teaching and more. He has been inducted into the Brooklyn USA Hall of Fame, recently named a National Positive Coach Double Gold Award by the Positive Coaches Alliance, received a letter from the President of United States, Barack Obama, recognizing him for his life time achievements as a coach, educator, mentor, and community activist. He has received citations, proclamations, and letters from NYC's Mayor, Governor, City Councils, Assemblymen and women, Congressmen, for his outstanding career as a NYC Department of Education teacher and Coach. His basketball coaching dates back to the early 1970's where he was instrumental in the success of 4 time NBA Allstar Rolando Blackman, 4 time NBA Champion John Salley, Veteran NBA Referee Derek Richardson, Actor/Businessman Duane Martin, and a host of other very successful men that has played for Coach Gustus.

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