Lisa Stefanowski.

Lisa is a board of director and serves as the secretary.

Give Back

Work with neighbors in your community and help make a difference!

Our Projects

Rachel Cheeks-Givan

Rachel is the immediate past chair of the board of directors and a Fortune 500 corporate executive.

Scott Pierce 

Scott is a board of director and served as the organization's first chair.  In 2011, he was honored by McDonald's as a Black Media Legend.

The Campaign will help replenish communities by aggressively addressing the critical need for support systems and by inspiring THE COMMUNITY to take collective responsibility for reversing negative conditions through sustainable and attainable objectives..

The National Give Back for Kids Campaign, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2009. Since our creation we have devoted our energy towards passionately creating  innovative and transformative projects designed to revive within our neighborhoods that sense of community that has been dormant for decades. 

We are an organization charged with the responsibility of inspiring adults and youth to give back through helping children. The National Give Back for Kids Campaign is a grassroots movement that recognizes positive and substantial change can and will come about through the power of love and sacrifice.

Hosea James Givan II​ Hosea was the visionary and primary inspiration for creating the National Give Back for Kids Campaign, Inc..

Our weekly cable show on BronxNet is titled "IGNITE! EMPOWER! TRANSFORM!" The show features stories about amazing URBAN SUPER HEROES (TM). Every Tuesday at 8:00pm channel 68 on Cablevision or 34 on FiOS in the Bronx, NY or via our link:  IGNITE! EMPOWER! TRANSFORM! 



our kids



urban super hero (TM)   OF THE MONTH - Bekah givan

Rebekah "Bekah" Givan has literally grown up with the organization, as her parents were founding members in 2009.  She was very instrumental  in the creation of  Girl Scout Troop 1219 in the South Bronx.  Bekah is the junior board member for the National Give Back for Kids Campaign and hosts her own cable show, Bekah's Constellation.  She is a straight A student and a competitive swimmer.  WE SALUTE BEKAH GIVAN, OUR URBAN SUPER HERO (TM) OF THE MONTH! 



Isaac Rashad

Isaac is a board of director and serves as the treasurer of both the National Give Back for Kids Campaign and the National Action Network.

Meet PART OF Our Team



"I grew up in a time when there were songs for THE MOVEMENT.  We need to take every essential lesson from the past and bring it to the present.  The "GIve Back Song" captures the essence, the spirit of the movement we are going to create," says Hosea James Givan II, founder of the National Give Back for Kids Campaign, Inc..


Our adopted anthem "Give back" sung by xavier lewis

Our Mission

Creating A Movement to Ignite Volunteerism Worldwide

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