Isaac Rashad

Isaac Rashad, was born on January 24, 1963 in Mt. Vernon, NY. He was the second of four, raised by a single parent mother. Because of the influence of Isaac’s strong mother, he was able to recognize, at an early age, his compassion and desire to be a change agent, specifically in his community where being young, black and male coupled with trying to succeed, presented extreme challenges. However, with a spirit filled with energy and a mind to match, Isaac was clear in his goals and endeavored to craft a life and career path that not only he, but all those around him could get inspiration from.

As a young student, Isaac attended the local elementary schools in Mt. Vernon, NY and then Mt. Vernon High School, graduating with honors and was recognized as a young achiever.

In the fall of 1981, Isaac entered Adelphi University as a freshman, studying Accounting and Finance. Isaac’s college career was an exciting and storied one. He pledged and was initiated into the Malik Fraternity, Inc. in the fall of 1982 and is a Life Member after eventually holding its highest title of National President. At Adelphi, he held many student leadership positions throughout his time at there, ranging from APO President, APO Treasurer, President’s Council Member and Student Government Vice-President.

Isaac graduated from Adelphi with a BBA in Business Management and a minor in Accounting during the Spring of 1985. After graduation, Isaac accepted his first and only job with CIGNA Corp and was relocated to Buffalo, NY were he spent the next two years. In Buffalo, Isaac was introduced to Prince Hall Masonry and has maintained a very active membership over the last twenty-four years.

Professionally, after that two year stint with CIGNA, Isaac has answered the entrepreneurial call and eventually built a multi-million dollar Entertainment and Sports Management and Consultancy practice based in New York City, personally representing many of the biggest personalities in the entertainment industry. Large-venue concert promotion came next for Isaac, being at the helm of an entertainment company that organizes, sponsors and promotes some of the largest concerts in the country. The last several years, Isaac operated and maintained ownership interest in the Warehouse Night Club in Southampton, NY. Currently, Isaac is Executive Producing, the film remake of the 1948, Alfred Hitchcock classic, “ROPE” for theatrical distribution and is penning a book, “If You Decide to Stay, You’ll Win”.

Isaac holds many professional licenses in money and risk management and while many professional heights have been reached, Isaac continues his work as a youth developer, community-builder, role model and mentor to youth, young adults and professionals. Isaac is happily married to Wendy Brown-Rashad and they have two wonderful children, Akilah Rashad and Isaiah Rashad

Isaac’s favorite Quote: Whatever the Mind can Conceive, the Heart Believes, the Body can Achieve!

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