"If it's in your heart.  Do your part!  Today's help equals tomorrow's hope.  I love our youth.  Power to the people!"

- Hosea James Givan II

Before you donate, we ask that you take time to carefully go through our website.  Explore the various links (i.e. Facebook and YouTube). Watch our volunteers in action.  Observe the reactions of our children and parents.  We have done so much with so very little.  We believe we have created a model program.  Now we need resources to take our vision to the next level.  With your support, we will get there!

Creating A Movement to Ignite Volunteerism Worldwide

Below is a clip consisting of various interviews by the chair, Hosea James Givan II; from 2011 through 2019.  His message is consistent and clear.  Our children need our help, for it truly takes a village.  Our greatest challenge is convincing people to care more.  Unfortunately, not enough people care about those less fortunate.  In addition, people must learn that in spite of their brokenness, there is still a gift they have to offer!